Baker's Environmental Commitment

Baker’s Tax and Accounting Services, Inc. is honoring its commitment to the environment by “GOING GREEN”. We are making a conscience effort to reduce our carbon foot print by cutting down on the use of paper and other unsustainable resources like it. We need your help to make this endeavor a success. You can help us and our environment in a few ways:

1.   Electronically send your tax related documents via email or our “NEW”SecureFilePro client file exchange portal. Clients will receive their own personal document transmittal portal that is accessible from anywhere as well as exchange confidential tax documents securely and conveniently. Contact our office to set up your profile TODAY!

2.  Take your tax return home on a CD! We will save your return as a PDF and upload them to your own personalized digital record of any current, prior and future tax returns.

3.  Our annual TaxMatter’s Newsletter and all other important information can be found online, HERE on our new comprehensive and informative website. Take a look around…everything you need to know is right here!

4.  We’ve implemented a new Document Scanning and Management System used to securely store and organize your important and sensitive documents. Your originals will remain with you while your electronic copies will be stored safely with us.