Payroll Taxes

Since managing a small business payroll is often difficult and always time consuming, many small business owners and managers are choosing to outsource their payroll management.

Baker’s Tax and Accounting Services has partnered with ADP Small Business Services to provide affordable and convenient payroll services to our Business Clients. ADP has over 50 years of payroll management and tax compliance experience and we are proud to have partnered with a company with such a solid reputation.

Why not leave your payroll and tax compliance responsibilities to Baker’s Tax and Accounting Services so that you can have more time to manage and grow your business?


Small Business Payroll Services

Our payroll process is designed to be easy. You simply phone, fax or send your payroll via the Internet to Baker’s Tax and Accounting Services. We will then calculate your payroll, including the deductions and withholdings for all relevant tax jurisdictions and delivers paychecks, vouchers and reports directly to your door. The reports are also available online and are often useful in controlling and managing cash flow.


Payroll and Tax and Compliance Solutions

We know as a Tax Accounting Firm that you can not have payroll management without tax and compliance! Your payroll filing process calculates, files, deposits and reconciles your payroll taxes and responds to inquiries from taxing agencies regarding deposits and returns.


Our tax and compliance includes the following:

• Local income taxes • State disability insurance
• State income and unemployment taxes • Social Security/Medicare taxes
• Federal income and unemployment taxes

Baker’s Tax and Accounting Services in partnership with ADP will always offer your business the highest quality of payroll tax and compliance services.

Contact us TODAY for your Payroll needs! Consider bundling your services to include Individual Tax Filing, Business Tax Filing, Payroll and Accounting Services for hundred of dollars in SAVINGS! monthly or quarterly billing options available.